The Origins And Life Story Thus Far Of Alistair Edgcumbe

Alistair Edgcumbe is the Dumb-Nut of the world his origins started in a test tube in a lab not far from Pluto the planet/not a planet cold as hell blob in space.

Alistair Edgcumbe started as a blob in a test tube which he called home, the blob was the creation of 85% Dumb-Nuttedness 10% Stupid 5% Tit, this was a creation of an alien race (The DizNizzles) they were trying to create a bio-weapon to fight in a war that waged for 40NizLons (20Minutes) unfortunately that accidentally created life instead of a bio-weapon and the experiment was deemed useless so The DizNizzles abandoned the project and left the test tube, science lab and Alistair their alone on Pluto.

3 Years went by and Alistair started to develop what appeared to be arms and legs it took him a further 2 years to develop a body and break out of the test tube.

Alistair spent most of his life in that lab feeding on only his dumb ideas, then suddenly an asteroid hit the lab, the whole thing was destroyed and Alistair was sent flying through the void that is space, 1 year 8 months later he entered Earth's atmosphere and landed somewhere in Wales-U.K where he was found by a woman who took him in and started to raise him as his own with her daughter.

All his ideas were beyond stupid and his lack of thinking before he says made him the dumbest of all his classmates and teachers.

Many years later Alistair moved out and is now located somewhere in the Middle-East of the U.K where where he seeks dumber ideas so he may evolve further and bring round the destruction of the human race by breeding with a humans and spreading his stupidity across the planet.